This is the Cheevos (no-cheating) leader. Stallion83

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This site does not tell you how to get Cheevos or hints!! If I had hints, I wouldn't share because I want more Cheevos than you. This site will tell you how to brag about your Cheevos and tell you why Cheevos are very important.

There are many haters out there telling people Cheevos don't mean anything and Cheevos take no skill.  Those people are people that have low Cheevos. What use is playing video games if you can't enjoy winning and being better than someone else?
Microsoft now gives discounts for cheevos

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I got over 85k Cheevos and 55k+ MySpace friends!!! 80/50 Club! Only person in the world. It proves I have conquered both social networking and gaming, making me a well rounded individual.
I'm very good looking and kick ass at everything I do. You can check out by break dancing at Bboy360.com Also check my YouTube Page
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Why Cheevos have a meaning
So many haters will tell you: 'Cheevos take no skill', 'I just changed my account so I have low Cheevos', 'I don't play video games, they're a waste of time', or 'Those points mean nothing'...

With Cheevos you have a number anyone can lookup like I have displayed on this site. It's a concrete number which Microsoft monitors to weed out cheaters.

It's evidence you have put time into gaming. I only talk to people with Cheevos over 10k. I won't waste my time having a converstaion with a noob who doesn't know where the A button is asking, 'So do you play Halo?'.

It shows dedication, and that you don't just give up on things.  It would actually look good on a job resume.

There are so many people you meet in life.  It's nice to be able to filter people out by Cheevos and not waste time.

A question brought up by 'Big Pympin' - "So Bboy, tell me how do you brag about 1000/1000 in Hannah. How would that conversation go?"
-Sometimes you have to play for points.  Usually at a club or bar, people will only look up your gamercard on their cellphone and not your individual games.
If someone did have the balls to call me out on something like that, I'd probably say something like, 'Yeah I think that was one of my games, I've played so many games I don't remember. '
Maybe try to change the subject, or just tell them, Points are points.  All the great ones do it.

Social Setting (Bar/Club)
This is where you have to be really careful about how you brag about your Cheevos. Your first instinct will be to tell someone you meet as your opening line, but don't do it. Your goal is to have the person, or group ask you if you play video games, or more specifically, Xbox360. That way you don't come off like you're trying to brag and they're requesting the info.

Here's an example of what I usually do, to bring up the conversion:

Bboy360: Hi, nice to meet you.
Guest:  Yeah, very nice to meet someone as good looking as yourself.
Bboy360: Thanks, so it's been a crazy year so far, economy is really taking a hit.
Guest:  Yeah, I'm glad I still have a job.
Bboy360:  Yeah, well some industries like Video Games seem to be doing ok.
Guest:  Oh, I'd like to work in video games, because I like playing them.  Do you play video games Bboy360?
(That last sentence is music to my ears.  This is when you know you they'll be looking up to you for the rest of the night)
Bboy360:  Yeah, I like Xbox360.  I play it a bit.
Guest:  Oh really, what games do you play?
Bboy360:  Well I have over 50k Cheevos, so as you can tell I've mastered many games.
Guest: Oh wow!!! I only have 5k Cheevos.
(Guest then asks 20+ questions in awe)
No matter if you guy/girl or whatever, Cheevos impress people. It's almost like saying 'Well, I got tons of Cheevos. There are tons of people online that are interested and respect me."

You might be thinking 'Oh that's complete BS, I personally don't care about Cheevos when dating'.
And yeah, you are probably telling the truth, but it's in your sub-concious.  Sort of like how girls always like the bad guy, but never admit it.

Braggin about your Cheevos sometimes makes you look conceited, but that's a good thing.  It like how celebraties look conceited because they're rolling VIP into clubs and you're stuck in line.

'Brewer' asks 'What happens if you're cheevo talking at a bar, club or party and someone says they have more cheevos that you?'
Well, hopefully they are just hating and are lying. First look up their score with your cellphone, make sure you have a page bookmarked where you can check. If you catch them in a lie, you look even better.
If they are telling the truth and have more Cheevos than you, leave. Nothing else you can do. Buy the person a drink and leave, unless you're willing to look 2nd best. If you brought a date, odds are she's going to be impressed with the higher gamer score and ditch you. Get out as soon as you can and go to some other party.
I've heard many females that have over 100k complain that they have a limited dating pool because they don't want to date down. This could get very complicated. You might want to have a one night stand with someone of Bboy360's looks, but it's another thing to show up at E3 holding hands with someone that only has 20k Cheevos. I'd try to find something that will make up for the lack of cheevos like being a reality star or something.
I've made a equation I'm still working on to help with dating on your level:
Points = (Cheevos * 2) + youtube views + social media fans(myspace, facebook) + (breakdance skill leve(1-10) * 50,000)